Meet the Kin Club!

The Kin Club of Vanderhoof is made up of a great mix of individuals with different strengths. Together we create a strong team with the shared interest of creating a better community for all of us in Vanderhoof.


Natalia is a long time Kin member; she joined the Vanderhoof Kinettes in _____ and is very excited to be one of the founding members of the Kin Club of Vanderhoof. She radiates compassion and kindness. Dogs are her favourite pet; she has two at home!

Kimberli Unger

Kim has a large personality and a great skill for keeping meetings on time! She has been a member of the Vanderhoof Kinettes for over a decade and her continued involvement has


Laura is a kind woman who makes an excellent support member. She is thoughtful and always willing to help out where needed


Ben has been a Kin member for about 4 years. One of his best Kin experiences was the car show at the exhibition grounds pre-covid.
Ben joined Kin after he was invited to poker night where he knew 9 of 12 guys. When you know 9 of 12 guys in a club you know you fit in.
Ben loves to travel, fish, camp and work out of town it brings so much satisfaction to his live, just like volunteer work. Ben's most favorite place to visit or be is in the Mexican desert or beach!


Kayla Siciliano

Kayla joined Kin in 2021 after hearing Natalia talk about it and volunteering her time for a photography project. Kayla is a forester by day, and avid runner, a hiker, photographer, and she loves food. Her free time is spent outdoors or hanging out with her husband and their dog, Ryley.

Kayla is most looking forward to becoming more involved in the community of Vanderhoof this year and how she can make a difference with the Kin Club of Vanderhoof.


Sara is a mother, employee, kinette, and a baker. She owns Kylie Cakes and was within the top 10 for baking competition in


Dallas has been a member of Kin for over 2 years and have loved every minute of it. His favorite part would have to be the fairs we take part in. The atmosphere is the best of any event he has been involved with.
Dallas is an entrepreneur and a family man, finding the balance between family, work, and Kin.